Java Program Development

This course We have learned basic Java development using Processing. The course began with extremely basic program development and because I already had a bit of c++ and Object Oriented programming experience, it was a bit dull at first. But it quickly became more interesting as the course progressed and I was soon making some fun little things using Processing. The final product - Set - was actually a bit of a challenge for me. More about that in a bit!

What is Processing?

Processing is a software Sketchbook to develop really simple Java applications with. It's actually pretty nice to quickly create mockups for ideas and such. Processing can be downloaded for free from here.

So what have I made?

Quite a bit! ;) From cool little games, to semi-useful tools, to just some messing around. Below is some info on the things I've uploaded!

- Lights Out

Lights Out was the first game that I created. If you don't know what Lights out is, It's a game where you have to switch off a grid of lights. But if you click on one light, the surrounding lights will also switch!

- Change Calculator

This was the first little tool I made. It's a tool that gives you the change in the amount of money that you put in.

- SinCos

This was one of the first mess-arounds. Basically toying around with Sinus and Cosinus algorithms.

- BMI Calculator

This is a BMI calculator that uses real calculations to get your BMI. The real idea behind this project was to play around with classes. I created a slider class and used it to create two sliders to set the value of a person's height and weight.

- Tiles

Oh yeah, tiles! That was the first thing I created with Processing. It's nothing special, other than that it just looks totally trippy. I once connected my laptop to the classroom's beamer to show it off to the class. You won't believe how long everyone (including the teacher) was staring at this.

- Set

Set was actually pretty fun to develop! Towards the end of the course we had to develop a game using Processing. I took the more challenging assignment which is this game. The rules are quite complicated, You have to pick three cards that make a set. But a set must satisfy all of these conditions:

  • They all have the same number, or they have three different numbers;
  • They all have the same symbol, or they have three different symbols;
  • They all have the same shading, or they have three different shadings;
  • They all have the same color, or they have three different colors.

Sound difficult? Well, I got extra points for adding a 'hint' button. :)

What's next?

More courses await for me, Including web development, working with Arduino and more advanced Java Programming. A lot to be excited about for sure!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog! I'll be writing more when I can find the time.


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